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online war games
online war games

Excellent, my Liege! Indeed, the time has come for you to claim your throne and grasp the reigns of power in Fall of Rome!

Getting started is fast and easy:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Verify your email address by clicking on a link in an email we send you.
  3. Sign up for your first game!

Create an account

To begin playing Centurion and Fall of Rome, you need an email account that you typically check on a daily basis. It’s impossible to know important events in Fall of Rome, like when your games are created and available to you, without an active email account. If you don’t check your email at the email address you submit, you should not sign up! We never send your email address to anyone else.

You’ll begin your experience at our bargain priced Warrior Service level, which provides you with one game of Fall of Rome at a time, together with unlimited play in Centurion, where you can experiment and hone your skills for Fall of Rome in solo play against AI. The Warrior Service is just $8.95 monthly. This provides you with ten intriguing strategy episodes in the foremost multiplayer online strategy game each month for about the price of a single movie ticket. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted cards. Like most of our players, you will most likely enjoy playing for years to come, once you have discovered the incredible quality and depth of play we provide for a pittance. Fall of Rome offers unparalleled replay value – each game is unique – and like any good strategy game from Chess on, your skill will improve as you gain experience and savvy. If somehow, dementia takes you and you choose not to continue playing, you can cancel our service easily in two clicks online at any time – really!

Here are the few fields we need to get your account set up:

*Email address: We respect your privacy, and will never give or sell your email address to anyone.
*Confirm email address: Your email address must be accurate so we can contact you regarding your Fall of Rome games.
*Password: Passwords are case-sensitive
*Confirm password:
*First name / nickname: Your name and email address are kept secret from other players.
*Last name: So we know your real name if you contact us.
Age group:
Referred By: Tell us how you found us. If “friend,” see below.
Enter the email or persona of the referring account: If a friend told you about us, type either their email or their Persona (Fall of Rome screen name), and we'll give them credits towards a free game. If no player referred you, just skip this box.
User agreement:
*I have read the above and agree to the conditions. 

* = Required Field

When you click the button below, we will send you an email with a link to click on to verify that we can reliably contact you by email. You must click on this link to validate your address and establish your new account.

If you're have trouble signing up, please send an email explaining your specific problem to support@kingdomsofarcania.com and we will be happy to help you.

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