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Service Levels

Warrior Level

Start with this service - an incredible bargain at just $8.95 a month! That's up to 30 turns a month, plus the credits you earn! You get to be in two Fall of Rome II games at a time, along with unlimited Centurion - a great training vehicle and fun in its own right. You are eligible for Accelerated Games. Discover the fun and satisfaction of being a key player in the world's greatest multiplayer strategy game!

Commander Level

Now we're talking! You've been at Warrior Level, learned the ropes, and now you're ready for more action and more game types. Commander Level not only doubles your play, giving you three Regular games at once, plus a standby position that gives you a fourth game, it also opens up the customizable world of Campaigns of Centurion, and you are eligible for custom Epic Games, where you can control up to three kingdoms against three other Commanders. A steal at only $14.95 monthly!

Victor Level

Welcome to the club! At Victor Level, you have four regular games (or two Epic Games) and two standby games, and are welcome to create three different cohorts (setups) in Campaigns of Centurion. Additionally, you can elect to play in a Titans Match (counts as three games) where you control six kingdoms against a single opponent managing the other six. Great value at just $19.95 monthly!

Imperator Level

You're on the Concierge Level. For those who have come to truly appreciate the finest online strategy gaming experience. You have become an important leader in the community of Fall of Rome. You have earned the right to be in a combination of up to 6 regular games, 3 Epic, or 2 Titan Matches at a time, along with three standby games and up to six cohorts. Additionally, the benefits of Imperator status, which include membership in our core focus group where you give thumbs up or thumbs down to new concepts, and can be a key play tester of new games. Only $24.95 monthly for Demi-God power? Incredible!




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