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Scythian King Mithridates

  Mithridates ruled an empire that rivaled that of Rome, and was a great enemy of that state. It was said that he was directly descended from Alexander the Great, could speak the languages of all twenty-two nations he ruled, and had hardened himself against poison. The Scythians are an ancient people, with a proud culture and known for their fierce warriors. With very pale skin, fiery red hair, deep blue eyes, and often with full body tattoos of mythical beasts, their visage is in contrast with the people of the other kingdoms. They have a long-lived line known as the Royal Scythians, a noble court as clever and well-established as any, and as such begin with the Powerful Nobles Advantage, bestowing the Scythians with a Count and an additional Provincial Governor character.

Their military is the most balanced of any among the arms of archers, cavalry, and infantry, giving them great flexibility and making them a tough opponent for any enemy. They are famous for their archers, for their infantry wielding the sagaris, a weapon of their invention that was like a single-headed axe, and for their scythed chariots. A smart Scythian player, like his historical predecessor, will choose a variety of mercenary types to augment his national force depending on their particular mission.



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