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Caesar, Emperor of Rome

  From the dizzying heights of eternal glory to a cold stare into the precipice of oblivion, Rome prepares to make its last stand. Sensing a desperate chance to reclaim empire even while the barbarians are battering down the gates, it acts. Rome has been the epitome of a long lived empire. Its greatness spanned all dimensions of statehood, from the legendary military might of its disciplined legions and their renowned commanders, to its system of commerce, its infrastructure, the stability of its far-flung provincial governments, and its network of spies. Honed over centuries of conquest, the Roman legion remains the unmatched standard for military proficiency. It is equally suited to storming a well defended town as it is to fighting a pitched battle in any terrain. The prudent Roman commander will, however, avoid exposing the infantry-centric legion to battle in the plains against cavalry.

Rome's well-oiled system of government provides it with the National Heritage Advantage: two additional commands available each turn, as well as a powerful High Priestess. Its officer core remains intact, with brilliant military leaders like Stilicho and Aetius, who defeated Attila at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains. These provide the Roman player with the Military Caste Additional: two additional high ranking military leaders. And of course, Rome relies on its famous legions, imparting the Warrior Blood Advantage: its initial brigades start with one level higher experience.



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