Welcome to the Fall of Rome game! The Presentation above includes a stirring musical score and gives a bit of the online rpg flavor Fall of Rome provides. It tells a bit about each of the twelve kings who lead their kingdoms in this breakthrough online strategy game. It also shows the starting region for each king on the map. More information on the kings and their tribes can be found on the Kingdoms page.

Fall of Rome won the Award for Game of the Year for online multiplayer strategy at Origins, the largest gaming convention (estimated at 18,000 attendees) in the United States. Explore the rest of our site to discover how we take the best qualities of online war games and multiplayer games and blend them into award winning online strategy games! Also see our episodic strategy games page.

Fall of Rome is proud to display the incredible illustrations of legendary artist Frank Frazetta, with his permission. All rights reserved by the artist. Please view his official gallery by clicking on the artist's portrait.
Frank Frazetta RPG Illustrations
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