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Conan, King of Cimmeria

  Emerging from north of the Black Sea, the Cimmerians warlike culture wiped away the few nomadic tribes that dared stand before them. Continuing westward, they currently seek to control Raetia. Their people choose the strongest and smartest of their warriors to lead them. Taught from early childhood the Secret of Steel, they are weapon masters without fear, hardened by their land and brutal blood-letting upbringing. The heroes of even the mightiest kingdoms would hesitate to take on the best from Cimmeria. The people are tall, strong, and with light colored eyes and long, unbraided hair. Even their women are tough: a woman must kill an enemy warrior of Cimmeria before she is allowed to marry. The Warrior Blood Advantage means their initial brigades start with one level higher experience than do other kingdoms.

Not only are their infantry strong of limb and expert in individual combat, wielding two handed axe or sword, and well armored, but their Military Caste system means they are well led, and start with the advantage of two additional military leaders of high rank. Because the Cimmerians use only slaves as archers and have strong, but few cavalry, they are mainly dependent on their powerful infantry to win battles. While this is indeed an advantage in restrictive terrain and against PC’s, the Cimmerian player must be careful not to risk his fine warriors in a battle in the plains against an opponent either with predominant cavalry or otherwise of fast speed.



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