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Chodomar, wielding a gigantic javelin, hair tied in his trademark red ribbon, charged at the van of a force of 25,000 Alamanni at the battle of Strasbourg, repulsing the Roman cavalry of Emperor Julian with but ferocious light infantry.  From the first of Rome’s incursions into Gaul under Julius Caesar they were confronted by coalitions of native troops that stood proudly defiant against them and in protection of their lands.  These coalitions of defenders came to be a society called the Alamanni – literally “All Men”.  No foe opposed Rome as long (500 years), or as doggedly, as did the indefatigable Alamanni.

The Alamanni’s were perhaps the most populous of all the kingdoms that faced off against Rome and against other free peoples.  As such, no kingdom begins with more brigades than do the Alamanni.  They rely primarily upon their infantry, and so are relatively well disposed toward assaulting population centers and in battles in constricting terrain.  They begin the campaign centered in and about Gaul.  Centrally located, they can expand in whichever direction appears weakest, but they are likewise vulnerable to attacks from many sides.  A good Alamanni player will ignore no aspect of game play, including diplomacy with his rivals.



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