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Players look forward to investigating Unusual Sightings because these encounters offer plenty of excitement and the opportunity to capture an important artifact that will have a lasting benefit to the kingdom throughout the campaign. Of course, there is much danger in these unusual encounters your best leaders and even your King may be wiped out facing the guardians of these treasures. Here is an example of one such adventure.

Unusual Sighting encounter with the leaders of Terror in the plains of Narbonensis

With the rising sun the leaders of the Visigoth Legion Terror, namely King Alaric who had the Shield of Nuodan, Tribune Beremund, Captain Vultar, Centurion Marizon, Centurion Egyptus, together with a dozen hand picked men, fearlessly went forth to achieve great deeds and win fabulous treasure. Stories speak of the Spear of Longinius, an artifact of superior quality. It was the spear that the Roman Centurion of that name stabbed Jesus with when he was on the cross. It is now a weapon of the greatest power. It is said to be guarded by the Hydra, a giant serpent-like monster with six huge heads and deadly fangs. They decided that the best course of action would be a measured investigation. The heroes, hungry to prove their worth boldly approached the dormant but foreboding volcano, and entered. At that moment they faced the Hydra and the battle was on.

The Hydra lunged quickly forward, its quarter-meter long teeth snapping deadly. Alaric was slightly wounded, the damage minimized by the Shield of Nuodan. King Alaric inflicted a serious wound. The men inflicted a serious wound. The rest of the party didn't get their blows past the guardian's defenses.

The Hydra swerved its heads independently, each choosing its own target. Beremund was fatally wounded! King Alaric struck a critical wound, considerably weakening the guardian, now appearing vulnerable. Captain Vultar struck a critical wound, as did Centurion Egyptus. No one else could score a hit.

The Hydra lunged quickly forward, it's quarter-meter long teeth snapping deadly. Centurion Marizon was fatally wounded. Three of the hand-picked men were injured. Finally, King Alaric struck down the monster with a devastating hit.

The Hydra was slain! The party breathed heavily and sought the lair's treasure. King Alaric has left with only light wounds. Tribune Beremund has died. Centurion Marizon was slain. Amazing their comrades with their ferocity in the battle, Alaric, Vultar, and Egyptus have all earned promotions. Rhan has emerged as a promising new leader. The Spear of Longinius has been recovered, and claimed by Alaric. The Spear of Longinius has power of the highest order, able to elevate the men around the leader to inflict damage as if 600 more of them were on the field during the infantry and combined phases. Additionally, the leader wielding it has his command bonus raised 50% and is nearly assured of wounding an enemy leader or guardian in battle. The party also recovered 17200 gold! It has been sent to our treasury. This was a glorious moment none who fought here would ever forget!

World Maps | Battle Reports | Screenshots


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