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This is an example of an attack by a legion on a population center, in this case the largest and best defended of population centers, a citadel a city that has constructed large surrounding stone walls and towers. The attackers chose a tactic for the assault, influenced by the experience of both their commanders and warriors, and the willingness to accept casualties to achieve the objective. In this game, the Alamanni preceded this attack by three successful espionage orders by its elite agents that sabotaged defenses of the citadel in the previous turn. In its weakened state, it is vulnerable to such a great attacking force. This battle occurred late in a game, accounting for the quality of warriors and the citadel.

Attack on the Citadel of Lugdunum by Alamanni Legion Wolf in the mountains of Narbonensis

Kingdom Alamanni Visigoth
Legion Wolf Citadel of Lugdunum
Commanders Warlord Vidimer
Warlord Chodomar
   The Spear of Achilles
Centurion Jurisi
Captain Rhan
Centurion Odrus
Centurion Tacitus
Troops 3581 Light Infantry
6957 Medium Infantry
2773 Heavy Infantry
925 Guards Infantry
2935 Medium Cavalry
3097 Missilers
646 Light Cavalry
162 Bowmen
162 Horse Archers
600 Light Infantry
600 Medium Infantry
400 Heavy Infantry
200 Guards Infantry
1000 Medium Cavalry
400 Heavy Cavalry
200 Elite Cavalry
600 Missilers
Kingdom-named brigades 10 2
Other brigades 2 Burgundians (none)
Tactical Selection Trojan Horse N/A
Notes Very high morale
Quick speed
Daunting defense
Mostly veteran troops

Paid informants revealed that Lugdunum had a seemingly impregnable defense, the likes of which had never before been seen. The defenses of the citadel were augmented by the presence of the 5th Visigoth brigade and 3rd Visigoth brigade that comprised its garrison. Captain Rhan commanded the defenses of Lugdunum. Aiding him significantly in keeping Lugdunum under Visigoth control were Centurion Odrus and Centurion Tacitus.

Vidimer commanded his Army Group to advance upon the citadel. As the Alamanni force completed the tricky mountain approach, the conflict began.

Early in the battle, defending archers were courageous, but able to inflict only light losses against the onslaught of the invading Army Group. As the attackers closed the distance, the bows of the defenders proved were no more effective, and did not deter the attackers from raising their scaling ladders and bringing a battering ram into position. It soon became apparent that the defending troops fought grimly and without fear, but also with little hope against such a force.

Motivated by his memory of the story of the Trojan Horse, Vidimer formulated a stroke of genius that completely surprised the defenders of Lugdunum. Now all in the engagement could witness the impressive effect the Spear of Achilles carried by Chodomar had in the fight. After a few hours of ferocious combat, the attackers were able to clear defenders from the outer walls and began to press on to the main defense. Vidimer led the Alamanni center which had achieved the most success thus far. Defenses badly damaged, still the garrison commander Rhan shouted orders to his lieutenants, hoping that a show of determination would dismay the attackers. Boldly advancing against this resolute foe, the Alamanni were intent on victory. Within three additional hours, all points of this once proud defense had been squashed by the remarkable attacking juggernaut, and the citadel surrendered.

Alamanni deaths were 6800 troops. 9th Alamanni brigade, 8th Alamanni brigade and 5th Alamanni brigade were eliminated, and the remaining troops were distributed among the other brigades when possible. As a result of combining brigades, 4th Alamanni brigade, 3rd Alamanni brigade, 2nd Alamanni brigade, and 1st Alamanni brigade decreased their experience due to absorbing less experienced replacements. 12th Alamanni brigade, 7th Alamanni brigade, and 6th Alamanni brigade appreciated their experience due to absorbing more experienced replacements. Alas, Jurisi was killed in the battle. A new Alamanni leader, Centurion Vulcas, has emerged as a fearsome warrior with much promise.

The battle has increased the capability of 12th Alamanni brigade, 7th Alamanni brigade, and 6th Alamanni brigade to old guard. They are on the course to greatness. Witnesses to the engagement now hold 4th Alamanni brigade, 2nd Alamanni brigade, and 1st Alamanni brigade as a rare lot! Morale in Wolf has increased substantially.

No Visigoth troops survived. Skillfully attacking with the Spear of Achilles, Chodomar delivered a critical wound to Odrus. Unfortunately, Rhan, Odrus, and Tacitus of the Visigoth defense were each killed in the battle.

World Maps | Battle Reports | Screenshots


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