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Here is a sample Legion Vs. Legion battle from a game nearing its conclusion. It pits the heavy cavalry focused Visigoths against the lighter but quicker Vandal force. Each player chooses a tactic for every battle. In this case, the Visigoth player selected Standard Battle Plan while the Vandals hope to exploit an archery advantage and then exit the field using Organized Withdrawal. Dozens of factors affect the outcome of any battle. For example the Visigoth brigades have both morale and experience advantages over the quicker Vandals, and while both forces have one leader of the highest rank, Warlord, the Vandals have better subordinate commanders. Each Warlord has also gained two artifacts through previous engagements – in this case investigating Unusual Sightings. A third type of battle is when legions attack villages, towns, or cities. Ever see a game with this depth of description of a battle? You’ll likely have many of these and the other battle types in every game of Fall of Rome.

Battle between Visigoth Legion Scorn and Vandal Legion Armageddon in the plains of Gaul

Kingdom Visigoth Vandals
Legion Scorn Armageddon
Commanders Warlord Alaric, wielding
   The Spear of Longinius
   The Shield of Nuodung
Captain Hapsdrual
Warlord Gaiseric, wielding
   Gungnir, Lance of Odin
   The Helm of Awe
Commander Ganior
Centurion Odrus
Troops 1664 Light Infantry
1556 Medium Infantry
927 Heavy Infantry
464 Guards Infantry
2373 Medium Cavalry
927 Heavy Cavalry
464 Elite Cavalry
1502 Missilers
217 Light Cavalry
54 Bowmen
54 Horse Archers
3116 Light Infantry
2619 Medium Infantry
3335 Light Cavalry
1185 Medium Cavalry
1433 Missilers
248 Bowmen
1185 Horse Archers
468 Elite Cavalry
Kingdom-named brigades 5 5
Other brigades 1 Burgundians 3 Burgundians
Tactical Selection Standard Battle Plan Organized Withdrawal
Notes High attrition
Very high morale
Fast speed
Daunting defense
Mostly elite troops
Some attrition
Very fast speed
Good defense
Mostly experienced troops

At the first light of dawn, Alaric surveyed the defensive position that Gaiseric instructed his troops to hold. With a startling blast of bone horns, Scorn began the attack upon Armageddon.

At long range the Visigoths raced to engage, hoping to shorten the effect of missiles which they regarded as cowardly. Yet some had spears they then let fly. The Vandals had horse archers among them which loosed their arrows. They inflicted minor damage to the ranks of their enemy. As the two sides neared each other, the archers of the Vandals force imposed substantial damage to the position of the Scorn, as missiles from the Visigoth force caused noticeable losses in a tenacious display.

The outcome of the battle was still very much in doubt. Quickly Alaric led the renowned and sinister helmed horsemen of the Visigoth on their fine stallions charging towards the position of Armageddon. Quickly all in the engagement could see the damage Gungnir, the Lance of Odin wielded by King Gaiseric had dealt in the fight. The Visigoth riders imposed substantial losses in the cavalry charge. In response, the Vandals horsemen claimed noticeable casualties to their opponent.

With higher than expected losses, Gaiseric had no choice but to order Armageddon to withdraw. Gaiseric's plan for an organized withdrawal succeeded. Armageddon suffered few losses in retreat. However, losses to the more experienced brigades of Armageddon were somewhat higher than normal as these brigades provided the holding action necessary for the legion to withdraw. Armageddon's greater quickness reduced their losses during retreat.

Visigoth losses were 2200 troops. 1st Burgundians brigade and 4th Visigoth brigade were eliminated, and the remaining troops were distributed among the other brigades when possible. As a result of combining brigades, 8th Visigoth brigade, 2nd Visigoth brigade, and 1st Visigoth brigade diminished their experience due to retaining less experienced replacements. 6th Visigoth brigade increased their experience due to adding more experienced replacements. Unfortunately, Captain Hapsdrual was killed in the battle.

The battle has increased the capability of 6th Visigoth brigade to old guard. They are on the course to greatness. 8th Visigoth brigade's fame is now that held by scant units. They have become renowned! The storied exploits of 1st Visigoth brigade is now known throughout the land. They have become the stuff of legends! After the conflict, morale in Scorn went up a bit.

Vandal casualties were 3400 troops. 6th Vandals brigade and 4th Burgundians brigade were eliminated, and the remaining troops were distributed among the other brigades when possible. As a result of combining brigades, 4th Vandals brigade, 7th Vandals brigade, and 2nd Vandals brigade diminished their experience due to including less experienced replacements. 2nd Burgundians brigade increased their experience due to retaining more experienced replacements. Made more deadly by the Spear of Longinius which he carried into battle, King Alaric killed Commander Ganior.

2nd Burgundians brigade and 3rd Vandals brigade have battled enough to be thought of an experienced brigade. 4th Vandals brigade is now obviously performing as a veteran force! The battle has increased the capability of 7th Vandals brigade to old guard. They are on the course to greatness. After the battle, morale in Armageddon declined fractionally.

World Maps | Battle Reports | Screenshots


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