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All games created on this site will be Ready Enabled by default. If you wish to create a static game (e.g., always run on M-W-F at Noon EST), please contact Alamaze Support.

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Play Tutorial

For new players, learn the game with the Alamaze Tutorial before joining an actual game with other players. It's free and has unlimited play!

The tutorial will automatically place you as the High Elves (vs. Dwarves) on a fixed map. The game will be created in a few minutes and an email will be sent to you with your initial kingdom files. Instructions on how to proceed will be provided within the kingdom turn report. Have fun!

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The following are pending games that are currently accepting players. Click on the Join button to sign up for a particular game or Quit to cancel your kingdom request. Removing yourself from a Team game will unassign all of your kingdom selections. If you wish to quit a game that is full of players, your request may be denied due to the initiation of the game creation process.
When a game is full, it will be automatically created and you should receive your turn 0 files via email within a few minutes.
  Important  If you joined a game that was started, completely logout by closing the browser and relog to pick up the new game under your account (will show under the Home page dropdown list). You will need to log back in before entering orders for your first turn.
If a player has a baby symbol next to their name, it represents that they will receive a chivalry bonus in the game. This is determined automatically from Valhalla records. If a game requires other players to recieve a chivalry bonus as well then please contact Support to create a customized game.
The game queue refreshes every 60 seconds.

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Note: This is not the same as being removed from a pending game request above. Follow the instructions in that section to remove yourself from signing up for a new game.

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