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Welcome to the Alamaze New Player Registration website!

Creating a user account on this page will allow you to play the award winning Alamaze game!

No credit card or payment information is necessary at this time. You will only be billed when you select a Subscription Plan for your account.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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New Player Registration

Please enter your information below to create your personal account for the Alamaze game system.
When your registration is complete, an email will be sent to you providing your account number (keep private) and what to do before your first game.
Your personal information will never be shared with others and your email address will only be used for Alamaze games.
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Player's Name

Pseudonym or alias by which you will be known to other players in a game (also used for your personal Valhalla statistics record).

Where to receive your kingdom reports as email (reports also available online).

Login Account
Credentials for accessing the Alamaze Online Order Entry website.

updateSubscription Plan
Free Duel Game
Includes full access to the Solo/Tutorial game (unlimited free play).
After your free game(s) are completed, you will need to purchase a subscription plan to continue playing Alamaze. Click on the Subscription Plans link on the left to see what plans are available for your account.

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