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Select an item below to access the particular player aid to estimate your kingdom's chances of success.

Emissary Actions is a calculator that provides estimates on your political actions such as rebelling or usurping a population center.

Group Diplomacy is a calculator that provides estimates on your group's efforts to gain control of a population center through diplomacy (no combat).

Agent Missions is a calculator that provides estimates on your agent's covert actions.

Unusual Encounters is a calculator that provides estimates on your group investigating an unusual sighting.

Player Aids
Emissary Actions
Group Diplomacy
Agent Missions
Unusual Encounters

Agent Actions

Success chances for Kidnap Figure (Order #955), Assassinate Figure (Order #940/945), among others.
Nearly all covert missions are capped at a maximum of 97% and a minimum of 3%
Immortal rulers (kings, queens, consuls, demon princes) are immune from assassination, but may be kidnapped
No kingdom is permitted to steal food/gold/mithril from a neutral or human population center
To attack a hidden group, agent must be of appropriate level (lvl-4 for masked, lvl-7 for ambushing, lvl-10 for invisible)
To assassinate undead (lich/wraith/nazgul), agent needs possession of a magical weapon-classed artifact
The wizard spell conceal emissary bestows invisibility and protects the targeted emissary (requires lvl-10 agent)
The wizard spell simulacrum prevents the successful assassination of a wizard, while placing the agent at risk
The wizard spell teleport group may disrupt foreign agent missions (except early trail group) due to order execution sequence
Kingdom traits that may affect results: Acuity, Adventurers, Heroic, Trick of the Trade
Kingdoms with inherit factors: Forgotten, Halfling, Illusionist, Underworld

Agent Mission Chances

(Percent Success) / (Percent Captured)